Three Key Security Considerations That Can Help You To Protect Your Remote Workforce

The remote workforce faces an indisputable reality with the massive increase in cyber-attacks aimed at them. Hackers are out in full force, so let us share with you three key security considerations to harden your team’s Cyber Security.

  • Use a centrally managed endpoint protection (antivirus) system, installing the endpoint protection on all devices that access your company’s data or systems. This will provide the administrator security alerts of threats, ensures endpoint protection is up to date on all devices, and ensure end-users have not removed the endpoint protection from their device.
  • Enforce two-factor authentication for all systems to ensure that the only ones accessing your company’s data are the admin and the users.
  • Educate employees on most usual Covid-19 scams happening nowadays.


Do not forget to update the cyber strategy policy because that will allow you to ensure compliance.

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