Three Cyber Threats That You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Over 40% of Americans are currently working from home. The specter of cyberattacks looms more than ever now, as Hackers are taking advantage of those employees who are operating in a less secure environment, aka their home.

The first step to protect your company from cyber threats is to understand them. Below are listed three of the most common ones.

  • Ransomware occupies 25% of all malware breaches nowadays. Ransomware is a software attack that shares private data and has become the most dangerous threat for small businesses.
  • Phishing attempts to gain sensitive data by posing as the administrator or other user who has access to this sensitive data. Vigilant user management and email encryption are a must to protect your business from phishing.
  • Email-based attacks are the origin of 91% of cyberattacks. Train your employees not to open email attachments from emails outside of your organization.

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