Three Workloads That You Must Move To The Cloud

Cloud services are helping businesses to provide the requirements for remote working. During the pandemic, cloud services offered many benefits for companies and were their best solution to maintain continuity.

Adapting to the cloud will occur even after the pandemic, as businesses are now aware of its benefits. Below are listed three workloads recommended to be moved to the cloud for better efficiency and resilience.


Amazon’s (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) has made cloud computing inexpensive, secure, and easy to use to access your company’s applications and data from anywhere from any device with internet connectivity.


Hosted VoIP Phone system which are cloud based (ex. Mitel or RingCentral) gives your team the ability to take calls, transfer calls, and make calls from their cellphone, laptop, or tablet just as if they were in the office.

Unified Communication Systems with team collaboration tools. 

Microsoft Teams comes to mind as you can chat, call, host video conferences, present, share files, and collaborate on documents all in one platform.   #workloads #cloud #bussines #continuity #mobility #videoconferencing #communication

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