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How to use technology for a Competitive Advantage in 2020!

The top 3 Strategic Technology trends for 2020 are all about building the intelligent digital process for a competitive advantage. It focuses on bringing people, technology, and processes together to establish a digital reality for businesses to become more efficient with less resources. Yeah that’s a mouth full. In short using the right technology can increase performance and your company’s ability to get stuff done faster and more efficient. What does that mean. It means a better bottom line. So here’s those 3 Strategic Trends:

1. Automate All Things

SICG can easily get consumed in our daily tasks, which many can be automated. Look at your daily, weekly, or monthly task and see if you can automate them. Smart businesses is using smart technology to automate simple things like booking a appointment with you, setting up rules in your offices automated attendant to forward calls to your cellphone, creating micros in your excel spreadsheet to calculate projections for you, creating workflows in your email marketing that follows up with your clients after so many days if they do not click on a link. The point of automation is to

A. Free up resources that can be doing something better

B. Improve our business workflows, really helping with your efficiencies

C. Maintain Consistency

2. Augmented Analytics:

 This is a fancy phrase for people using business intelligence answer real world questions. For example,  What does my sales projections really look like based on our sales trends for the last four years. With the right tools and right questions you can analyze any bit of data that will help your company become more competitive and make better decisions. Look up a few of these tools Machine Learning, ZOHO Analytics, DOMO.

3. Immersive Technologies

 Is technology that use the virtual world to train their staff or to get someone to help them with complex problems. Right now the military is using it to train infantry on real world battle experiences. Youth football programs are using it to train athletes in real world game situations. Company’s are now looking at ways to use immersive technologies to better train their teams. Imagine if you can do real world training with your sales team in a virtual environment. You can quickly help them increase their sells skills.


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