Cybersecurity – What Is Not Working From Home?

The landscape of cybersecurity has been evolving rapidly due to the pandemic. Remote working is presenting many more cyber challenges.

Understanding what is not working may help us to gain a better approach toward cybersecurity.


  • Vulnerability isn’t new! Companies should know that they have been vulnerable even before their employees started working from home. It is crucial that you used centrally managed systems to monitor user activity and to managed the security of the devices that are connecting to your network. 
  • Some home networks are just as unsecure as being on the network of coffee shop. Home networks do not have the same safeguards as company networks. Therefore, it’s crucial that you put data access and system use policies in place, as well as educate your employees on the best IT Security practices to keep your company’s data as safe as possible.
  • If cloud service is involved with home devices, the risk is even higher. Consumer devices are a hacker target that can lead to corporate information. Hackers find it easier to compromise consumer devices which connect to corporate systems to gain access.

Contact our team to improve cybersecurity for your remote working force. It can prevent much damage.

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