Client Consulting

We help you grow your business not just ours!

Strategic Intent Consulting Group, Inc. (SICG), is not the run of a mill Digital Marketing & Information Technology Consulting firm. If that’s what your looking for, stop reading and find another firm. If you’re looking for fresh ideas driven by innovative thinking, with passionate people, you’re in the right place. We help our clients level up in their Information Technology, Application Development, Digital Marketing, IT Security, and Website Development initiatives by really understanding their business and tailoring solutions that will help them succeed.

Why do we exist?

✔ Improve our clients efficiencies through technology.

✔ Educate our clients on the best use cases to use technology to grow their business. 

✔ Use technology to generate more revenue for our clients and us.

Our smart approach

We take a 360 view of your organization which allows us to help you:

  • Improve efficiencies and get more for your dollar through technology.
  • Attract more customers with effective digital marketing strategies.
  • Understand how we could really help you protect your digital assets with the right type of IT Security.
  • Improve the success rate by developing the right types of applications for you.
  • Bring together all the essential technologies that will help you hit your goals.

Check out this video from Bill!