Are You Digitally Ready For The Post-Pandemic Era?

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital solutions for businesses. Many businesses were “born ready” before it happened and benefited as their competitors struggle to make the fast transition. How? The technology they had in the place provided them with sustainable, efficient, and proactive responses. Still, what are some trends that you can follow to […]

Best Remote Workforce Tools For Your Company

5 Must Have Technologies For Your Remote Workforce

For the last 15 years, the remote workforce has tripled mainly due to cheap and fast internet, improved cyber security, and the rapid evolution of cloud technologies. Many of our clients that adopted these technologies and the concept of a remote workforce prior to COVID-19 has crushed it over the past six months, while the […]

4 Reasons Why Your Data Is More Secure In the Cloud

4 Reasons Why Your Data Is More Secure In the Cloud 📌Cloud platforms provide a centralized architecture that is easier to monitor, manage, and secure. 📌Employees can access and share business files directly from the cloud and do not need to use an unsecured method to access the files like store them in their personal […]

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How to use technology for a Competitive Advantage in 2020!

The top 3 Strategic Technology trends for 2020 are all about building the intelligent digital process for a competitive advantage. It focuses on bringing people, technology, and processes together to establish a digital reality for businesses to become more efficient with less resources. Yeah that’s a mouth full. In short using the right technology can […]