4 Easy Ways To Change Your IP Address For Added Security

Cyber Criminals may hone in on your office or home for cyberattacks using your IP address. One of the quickest ways to stop an attack like this is by changing your IP Address. It’s perfectly safe, relatively simple, and will add an extra security layer for you and your organization.👇   Here’s the 4 ways […]

3 Security Training Trends That Your Organization Should Follow In 2021

The year we left behind brought many challenges to cybersecurity due to the pandemic. The shift to remote working has made cybersecurity a top priority for organizations of all levels.   There are three main types of security training that the organizations should do now:   ●       Employee-Centric Training Programs because that makes learning easier. […]

➡️ Thinking Small – Is The Best Way to Stop Ransomware & Cyber Attacks

🎯Many cybersecurity experts incorrectly believe that looking at the big picture is the best way to find solutions to protect companies. It is quite the contrary because the answer lies in something much smaller – the network’s Micro-Segmentation.   What’s Micro-Segmentation, you ask?   It is dividing the network into subnets of related components to […]

➡️Are you planning for Multicloud Architecture? Here’s what you should know.

Multicloud architecture is not only adding another cloud to your environment. It requires much more than that. While it offers many benefits, multicloud architecture does also provide many challenges on the other hand.   Let us provide some tips for multicloud architecture success through some questions that need to be addressed:   ●       Think why […]