Cyber-attack! What do we do now?

My entity just experienced a cyber-attack! What do we do now? We’ve been hacked! What do we do next? This is common question that I’ve been asked by healthcare providers, insurance firms, and medical groups after they have been hit by a cyber-attack that exposed their patient or client records. The problem with this question […]

Social Selling Quick Wins

  Social Selling can be very lucrative if it’s done right. In this video Thomas Slaughter (President / CEO) of Strategic Intent Consulting Group gives you 3 Quick Wins on how to approach Social Selling! Strategic Intent Consulting Group is a Digital Marketing & Information Technology Consultancy   If you want to learn more about[…..]

IT Services

How to use technology for a Competitive Advantage in 2020!

The top 3 Strategic Technology trends for 2020 are all about building the intelligent digital process for a competitive advantage. It focuses on bringing people, technology, and processes together to establish a digital reality for businesses to become more efficient with less resources. Yeah that’s a mouth full. In short using the right technology can[…..]