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Anywhere Operations Model

What is an “anywhere operations” model?

The pandemic has taught us that place and proximity may not be as crucial as we thought. As a solution to the pandemic, many companies shifted to an “anywhere operations” business model.

This is an IT operating model that was created to support customers everywhere, enable employees anywhere, and manage business processes across a distributed infrastructure.

But, it is not just about having the ability to operate remotely. Digital should be the default at all times. That’s not to say physical space doesn’t have a place anymore, but it should be digitally enhanced to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • First, it allows for greater flexibility in terms of where employees can work from, reducing the need for physical office space and associated costs.
  • Second, it enables easier access to cloud-based applications and services, allowing for more efficient collaboration and communication.
  • Third, it can improve business continuity by enabling employees to work from anywhere in the event of a disruption to the physical office space.
  • Fourth, it can increase cybersecurity by reducing the risk of physical breaches and enabling greater control over access to sensitive data.

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