Best Remote Workforce Tools For Your Company

5 Must Have Technologies For Your Remote Workforce

For the last 15 years, the remote workforce has tripled mainly due to cheap and fast internet, improved cyber security, and the rapid evolution of cloud technologies. Many of our clients that adopted these technologies and the concept of a remote workforce prior to COVID-19 has crushed it over the past six months, while the ones that did not got crushed. Last week we had to work with a Chapter 11 Trustee to get them access to the servers as a business that filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. What pained me the most was that this client could of possible prevented the bankruptcy if they had the right technologies in place to support a remote workforce when the COVID hit. Unfortunately, they did not and could not sustain from the loss in sales to keep their doors open.

I really do not want to see another company go into bankruptcy, because their technology sins. So, here’s a short list of some core technologies my team and I researched and / or support, that you can use to empower, manage, and support a remote workforce. Let me know if you have questions by email (

Human resources and payroll

For human resources and remote payroll work, we suggest using Workful. Workful provides a simple, affordable solution for HR and payroll management. The easy-to-use dashboard can file tax forms and sync with timesheets and PTO. Workful helps you to track your teams’ information, time management, and time off.

Cloud computing

For cloud computing we suggest using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Both provide customizable cloud-based servers that can host your company’s systems (QuickBooks Enterprise, Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) and enable your team to securely access those systems from anywhere at any time.

Note: AWS and Azure offer a free trial to test out their systems.




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