4 Easy Ways To Change Your IP Address For Added Security

Cyber Criminals may hone in on your office or home for cyberattacks using your IP address. One of the quickest ways to stop an attack like this is by changing your IP Address. It’s perfectly safe, relatively simple, and will add an extra security layer for you and your organization.👇


Here’s the 4 ways you can do it:


       Change your IP address with a proxy server or VPN. The easiest way to do this is to use a VPN  (Virtual Private Network Provider) like IPVanish.


       Unplug the router, and it may take only five minutes to change your IP. This is if you’re using a Dynamic IP


       Use a proxy server (aka) a middle man server, so the outside world sees the proxy IP and not your own.


       Call your Internet Service Provider and ask them to change your IP address.


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