📣The Importance Of A Wireless LAN Survey

Did you know that a survey is the most crucial implementation stage in performing installations of wireless LAN networks?🤔


Many survey techniques are used to determine how a Wireless Network is ideally designed.


Most use heat map pictures overlaid onto site plans that indicate the signal strength, with a key showing what the colors indicate.


The wireless surveys can be achieved in several ways.👇


       Passive On-Site Survey

       Active On-Site Survey

       Predictive Survey


🚨If a survey is not performed, then you may have a poor wireless network. Therefore, it may happen issues such as:


       dark spots for coverage,

       lack of throughput due to interference,

       not enough Access Points to cater for concurrent users, 

       too many Access Points (causing self-interference).

       Wireless network security considerations.


📞For any questions regarding a Survey, please feel free to give us a call.





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